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We have been in the business of auto-body parts manufacturing and exporting since 1987. We specialize in manufacturing a wide array of auto-use bumpers, grilles, hoods, fenders, lamps, and mirrors. To provide our customers with the best possible service, we not only provide in-house-manufactured products, but also provide other auto parts like chassis parts and electrical parts for engine and body systems.
Apart from selling finished products, we also fill OEM/ODM orders and engage in export cooperation ventures with firms from foreign countries for developing molds.
Recently, we have expanded our business into the development and manufacturing of refitted car parts. We will continue to present products featuring the latest technology to satisfy our customers.


車身零件, 頭燈, 尾燈, 方向燈, 車鏡, 冷卻系統零件

公司名稱: 凱茀企業股份有限公司