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For nearly four decades, Kitchen Bath Industry Supply Company Limited is a professional casting foundry in Taiwan. We manufacture lots of castings for plumbing industry worldwide. Nowadays, we positioned ourselves as solution provider by integrating & combining whole production facilities to custom your needs. We are committed to the quality design of elegant kitchen & bathroom furnishings for the home. We design and manufacture the industry’s largest selection of elegant and high performance faucets and their accessories for every Kitchen & bathroom in the home. From traditional, transitional to contemporary, we have a style to match any décor and personal taste. We are a customer-focused company. Everything we do centers on ensuring your complete satisfaction.


水龍頭, 盆用龍頭, 廚用龍頭, 盆用供水, 盆用排水, 廚用排水, 過濾籃, 浴缸龍頭, 壁式龍頭, 淋浴組, 落地龍頭, 浴缸排水, 浴缸供水, 浴簾桿, 浴簾鉤, 花灑, 花灑蓮蓬頭, 噴槍, 手持蓮蓬頭, 浴室配件, 衛浴配件, 毛巾桿, 毛巾掛勾

公司名稱: 龍鎰有限公司
地址: 427 台中市潭子區中山路二段605巷31號
電話: 886-4-2535-3460
傳真: 886-4-2532-6460
網址: www.kbis.com.tw/en/index.html