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A leading manufacturer of construction hand tools in the Taiwan area
Our main products are putty knives, paint scrapers, painting accessories, drywall & plaster tools, masonry & cement tools, ceramic & adhesive tools, carpet & flooring tools, wallcovering tools, ratchet handles, and socket wrench kits.

Our company was established 40 years ago, so this year is our 40 anniversary. We have 2 plants and 85 employees now. We are now one of the most respected manufacturers of painter hand tools in Asia because of our high quality, competitive price and dependable service.

Our capacity for construction hand tools is 600,000 pcs per month. We also supply various drywall, masonry, floor covering and wallcovering tools. We have another factory specialized in making hand tools, like ratchet handles, socket wrench kits and some special tools such as sidewinder speed wrenches. Our turnover reached US$12 million last year!

We have a well-trained staff team to make our company more competitive. We have 4 engineers to do research and development. In addition, we have 6 well-educated quality controllers to monitor our products at every process from unloading material to packing finished products.

The most important is that we have many years’ experience of serving chain stores and famous brand. We sold some hand tools to Wal-mart and we had our own program of Drywall and Masonry tools in the Lowes store. They were all very satisfied with our products in good quality & service.


補土刀, 棘輪套筒扳手, 套筒扳手組/套筒, 油漆刮刀, 刮刀, 建築用鏝刀, 手工組, 油漆工具, 一般鋸子, 手鋸, 弓鋸, 修支剪, 鋸片, 夾背鋸, 仿型線鋸, 鋸片組, 仿型鋸, 背鋸, 鋸子, 手工具, 園藝工具, 花園鋸, 鐵鋸, 修枝鋸, 板模鋸, 牆板鋸, 方形鋸, 弓形鋸, 水管鋸, 屠鋸, 鑽孔鋸, DIY用鋸, 鑰匙孔鋸, 樹根鋸, 多功能折合鋸


員工數: 20
公司成立年: 1986
生產模式: OEM 委託代工 , OBM 自有品牌
外銷比例: 90%
外銷市場: 中東, 歐洲, 非洲, 亞洲, 北美, 大陸, 中南美, 澳洲/紐西蘭
品牌: King Jaws, OEM
優勢利基: 品質符合歐洲規格
公司名稱: 偉孚興業股份有限公司
地址: 407 台中市西屯區台中工業區5路4號
電話: 886-4-2359-4860
傳真: 886-4-2359-8476
網址: www.dess.com.tw