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Yi Hui Machinery Industry Corporation established since 1986, is member of Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI) and has succeeded in placing itself as the leading manufacturer and exporter of various kinds of plastic-producing machine in Taiwan.

As Taiwan is the fifth largest plastic-producing machine producer and manufacturer in the world (second in Asia after Japan), our company is able to ultimately provide the best machines with world-class technology, first-class quality and competitive price.

Our products varies from PE Plastic Extruder Machine, PP Plastic Extruder Machine, Granule Making Machine (Recycling Machine), Embossing Machine and Zipper Bag Making Machine.

Our products were exported to worldwide nations mainly Southeast Asia countries, South America countries, Middle East countries, Africa countries, USA and China. With the outstanding achievement, our products are able to meet market demand and industrial standard required in different countries above.

With continuously R/D for more than 17 years, our products acquired good satisfaction from our customers. Our product quality is also well recognized by customers, we can immediately customize our products at the customer's request as we have outstanding manufacturing quality.

As the plastic industries are closely connected to industries that promote the welfare of the people around the world, we accept day to day's challenge to improve to the best design and quality.


高速吹袋機, 吹袋機一線性聚, 乙烯, 高密度HDPE薄膜, 多層共擠壓吹袋機--低密度聚乙烯, 線性低密度聚乙烯, 圓型粒製粒機, 單層/多層 PE壓花布紋彩製造設備

公司名稱: 亦輝機械工業股份有限公司