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California almonds are America’s largest horticultural export, and Hilltop Ranch, Inc. is one of the California almond industry’s fastest growing processors.

California produces 87% of the world’s almonds, and shipments are growing at more than 5% annually - over 9% growth in the 2002 season alone.

Hilltop Ranch is numbered among just a handful of dynamic almond processors who collectively ship 75% of California’s almond crop.

Our mission at Hilltop Ranch is to be our customers’ most trusted source for natural and manufactured almonds, and to lead the industry in providing the best value in high-quality products to our industrial end-users.

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Hilltop Ranch, Inc. in Ballico, California, was founded in 1980 by David and Christine Long. Today it is one of the largest "independent" processors of almonds, shipping to customers in over 50 countries.

Hilltop’s almond handling operations are integrated processes – hulling, shelling, cleaning, grading, sorting, sizing, and exporting. It’s staff of seasoned industry professionals are ready to serve you and earn your confidence as your most trusted provider of natural and manufactured grades of California almonds.


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