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AN EXPERIENCES PARTNER DAH-LIAN MACHINE was established in 1979. We are profession in manufacturing the machine for fastener production and special designed machine for secondary process and automation purpose in connected steel and pipe/tube filed. We have sold over 4500 sets machines to worldwide. The good quality reputation helps us to grow up stably. MISSION Always stand in customer’s side to build up the most economic and high efficient machine. QUALITY Take care every small point. Machines are seriously inspected and tested before shipping. Design is according to “CE” standard. SERVICE Manufacturing, sourcing, supply and technical support from one source. Save your time and money.


螺絲機械, 螺帽製造機械, 螺帽攻牙機械, 拉釘機械, 滾牙機械, 高速螺絲打頭機, 螺母/螺絲滾牙機, 螺帽機, 鐵釘機, 螺絲華司組合機, 彈簧機, 割尾機, 鑽尾機, 鑽孔機模具, 螺栓機械, 牙條機械, 鉚釘機械, 拉釘組合機, 金屬加工機械, 螺紋滾製機械, 攻螺絲機械, 自動車螺牙機械, 其他特殊車種零配件, 螺絲(機), 螺帽(機), 華司, 彈簧(機), 釘子、鉚釘、拉釘, 鉚接機, 螺絲與螺帽, 矯直機, 高速螺絲輾牙機, 鑽尾成型機, 螺絲割尾機, 螺母成型機, 傢俱螺絲, 鑽尾螺絲, 特殊螺絲螺帽

公司名稱: 大連機械工業有限公司