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Taiwan- based professional manufacturer since 1989 at mirrors series including truck/bus/auto mirrors heads, rearview mirrors, glass lens, actuator, heater pad…etc.
Besides, we also carry Billet steering wheels, Billet mirrors and Billet hot rod parts with highly quality and the most competitive price by our strong CNC teamwork.
Moreover, ABS truck/ bus wheel axle hub covers, sun blinds, door knobs, bungee cords, cargo nets, car mats, power inverter…truck/ bus/ auto accessories we supply.


車鏡, 涼風扇, 方向盤套, 遮陽簾, 其他內裝配件, 改裝車零配件, 賽車零配件, 車用電話配件, 影音視聽系統及配件, 車裝娛樂系統

公司名稱: 政昆企業有限公司