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About Precision Machine
(Office) Precision Machine Co., Ltd. was established in 1989. The tremendous effort are directed to product development, product quality and cuscomer services, which , in turn, enable the company to grow continuously.
(Automatic Cleaning diskette assembly line) In the early stages, as many new companies, we were busy on settling down the operational stuffs. That's why we were that silent these days. Now, as we have built up a sound foundation, we can stand up at the middle of the Cyber space and say, "hey guys, come and look, we produced and offered good stuffs."
(Automatic Cleaning fluid filling line) We manufactured and marketed our products in our brand through local trading companies and global distributors. When these products are designed, the first thing in our mind is "will it improve the physical environment of computer users?"
(Automatic pack assembly line) We also work with our client in OEM basis. Our robust technical background enable us to work out a new product with our customer, which allows us to gain several large OEM projects. As a matter of fact, "Made-By-Precision Machine" products are found at many sales outlets and trade exhibitions.



公司名稱: 昌明實業股份有限公司