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Our company has a strong professional staff to handle all phases of production from product design, quality control, and marketing analysis to buyers' problems. With the encouragement and support of solving our customers, our new line of interior decorative products has achieved very good success in the market.

Soldering and Welding Tool Specialist:
* Soldering iron
* Heating Element
* Soldering Stand
* Glue Gun
* Desoldering Pump
* Solder Wire, Solder Bar
* Automatic Soldering Machine
* Soldering Iron Tip
* Soldering Gun
* Glue Stick
* Sponge (Imported From France)
* Soldering Pot


烙鐵, 烙鐵架, 吸錫器, 電錶, 電腦工具包, 錫絲, 驗電筆, 起子組, 刀具組, 剝線鉗, 焊槍, 繞線筆, 溶濟瓶, 彎咀瓶, 電腦壓著鉗, 攝子類, IC拔取器, 瓦斯烙鐵, 點膠針瓶, 錫膏, 吸錫線, 錫爐, 恆溫烙鐵, 熱風槍, 膠槍, 靜電環, 吸煙器, 手工具, 工具箱, 精密點膠設備, 電壓檢測儀, 螺絲起子附件, 手工具組, 膠條

公司名稱: 裕麟實業有限公司
地址: 108 台北市萬大路618巷51號
電話: 886-2-2301-1107/8, 2303-1355, 2301-7181
傳真: 886-2-2309-7885
網址: www.rd-tools.com.tw