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The beginnings . .
-1980 - 1988:We manufactured traditional lamps for Export through local Trading Companies
-1988 - 1989:Started Research & Development of Systematic Halogen Lamps. RAZZ INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. was formed to undertake the International Marketing Task. A steadily rapid pace ensured. Customers from different parts of the world began to give us their support. We ensured them high Quality and a flow of new and innovative products.

1990 till today . .
-Geographically, we sell 70% to Europe, 20% to USA / Canada and the final 10% to Central / South America and Asia.

Future . .
-Our future-focused Planning on Designs and Product Concepts will cooperate with professional Lighting Designers. Our customers are always assured that we will continue bringing them new, exciting Products.
-Top Quality Products have been and will always be the corner-Stone of our manufacturing character.
壁燈, 桌燈, 落地燈, 台燈, 工藝燈/繪畫燈




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