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 With forty workers and five administrators, Ningbo East-River Electric MFG.CO. was established in 1996, specializing in the production of lighting & electrical accessory such as cabinet light, down lights & discharge floodlights, etc. The factory also produces partial electrical accessory. All the productions are exported.Established in 1999, Ningbo El-Range International Trade Ltd. was founded by the board chairman of Ningbo East-River Electric MFG. CO.. It engages in the I/E trade of lamps & lanterns, various electric equipment, hardware, and tools, and acts as the agent of the export business of Ningbo East-river Electric MFG.Co.


吸頂燈, 庭園燈, 夜燈, 台燈, 桌燈, 櫥櫃燈, 鏡前燈/浴室燈, 格型日光燈, 壁燈, 工程燈, 戶外燈/路燈/工作燈, 投光燈/探照燈

公司名稱: 寧波億瑞電器有限公司