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Pneutrend Industry Company is professional manufacturer and exporter of various kinds of pneumatic tools.
We export Air Tools from Taiwan and China and our extensive experience in this field has enabled us to
establish many close relationships and joint ventures for our customers in the world.
To provide our customers with the best product at the most reasonable price, we are steady to do innovation,
professional and characteristic design to our products. We have developed computerized process: systematic
packing and quality control in the initial stages of design and continues on through the inspection from every piece of each model.
This repeated inspection ensures our high level of quality and after sales service for all our customers. Also we can
do OEM as per customer inquiry.


氣動工具, 氣動扳手, 氣動研磨工具, 氣動切削工具, 氣動螺絲起子, 噴槍, 氣動鑽, 氣動錘, 氣動黃油槍, 氣動剪

公司名稱: 統誠工業股份有限公司