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Established in 1972, Long May Industrial has built its reputation by offering a comprehensive line of high decorative hardware, furniture fittings and builder hardware at the lowest cost. Our professional experience assures you of very good and reliable supply. Not only can we provide you with the most competitive prices, we also have excellent customer service from the very beginning of our offers.We do business seriously.
Our customers cover major importers and largest furniture manufacturers worldwide. Our products have unique finishes and good quality, and they are user friendly. We make for both low-end and high-end markets meeting your needs. We also well duplicate the items according to your drawings. Your cabinets, furniture, buildings and RV & Mobile Homes will surely be value-added if they are fixed with our products. With 32+ year experience, our team guarantees you stable QC and delivery commitments.


金屬零件, 餐桌滑軌, 把手

公司名稱: 隆有貿易有限公司