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Established Since 1978, Palmer Industries, has acquired a remarkable degree of success as a result of its dedication to innovative research and development. We initially specialized in a full range of billiard tables and wooden martial arts equipment. After years of accumulated knowledge and experience with those lines. We decided to expand into the manufacture of cue sticks, billiard balls, billiard chalk rubber cushions, billiard slate, and billiard accessories. We make it a point to maintain strict adherence to our client with quality products, lowest prices, a large selection and prompt delivery.Our constant pursuit of quality and technological advancement has allowed us to acquire several prestigious international standards certificates from the likes of BCA, CSA, UL and CNS. This commitment to perfection and innovative design has made our company one of the leading manufactures of billiard equipment in Taiwan and China. With a definite eye to the future, we feel honor bound to constantly refine our products in order to satisfy the needs of even our most demanding customers.


撞球器具, 桌球用品, 武道用品, 黑石板, 比利時阿拉密球, 美國BRUNSWICK撞球用品, 保齡球用品

公司名稱: 芊侖企業股份有限公司