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Sen Fung was established in 1963 as a professional manufacturer of rollforming machines and is the leading manufacturer and exporter of rollforming machines in Taiwan. We are using COPRAR and AUTO CAD softwares for roller design.with more than 50 years of experience and strict quality control, our products meet European CE and International Standards. Products Include Roofing, Tile Sheet, Ceiling T-Bar, Partition Beam, Floordeck, Door Frame, C&Z Purlin,Stainless Steel Pipe and Flooring Deck Equipments......etc.


鋼管製管機, 不鏽鋼管製造機, 金屬板滾輪成型機, 折彎機, 金屬薄板壓造成型機, 金屬縐褶成型機, 鋼板加工機械, 鋼管製造機

公司名稱: 三灃滾輪機械股份有限公司