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Since its establishment in 1973, HWANG HWA MACHINERY CO., LTD's main products have been focused on car parts related forging materials. In the midst of the dynamic growth of car industry in Taiwan, apart from maintaining the high quality of its forging products, the company has also assisted many car factories in developing new spareparts. The company has been a major parts supplier for many Taiwanese car factories. As the quality of cars and machinery equipments are getting better and better, HWANG HWA MACHINERY CO., LTD has been enthusiastically participated in the development of new technologies, and was granted the certificate of QS-9000 in 1999. Best quality assurance has always been HWANG HWA MACHINERY CO., LTD's ultimate goal and developing the most advanced technology will always be HWANG HWA MACHINERY CO., LTD's company policy.


引擎電系零件, 傳動系統零件, 轉向系統零件, 剎車系統零件, 懸掛系統零件, 巴士貨車及其他重型車零配件, 堆高機零配件, 農業用機零配件, 軍用車零配件, 其他特殊車種零配件, 金屬成型加工, 衝壓, 壓鑄, 鑄件, 粉末冶金件, 鍛件, 模具, 摩托車零件

公司名稱: 皇華機械工業股份有限公司
地址: 231 新北市新店區北宜路三段320之1號
電話: 886-2-2217-8669
傳真: 886-2-2217-8666
網址: sub.hwanghwa.com