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Great Knives Manufacture, Co., LTD has been established since 1978. With the state-of-the-art facilities in making industrial knives and blades and well-experienced employees, we are now a company that produces more than 4,000 different blades, knives, and machine parts for more than 500 customers in the world.

Enhancement in Technology and Quality enable Great Knives to expand its business fields into Woodwork, Paper, Foods, Stationery, Plastics, CAD/CAM Cutting, and even electronic industry. Many Globally-known knife manufacturers also have cooperation with Great Knives for OEM/ODM business.


工業刀具, 熱處理, 針車零件, 刀具製造商, 圓鋸片, 一般剪刀

公司名稱: 偉群製刀工業股份有限公司