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Apex is among the world’s top designers and manufacturers of manual tackers, hammer tackers, office staplers and specialty fastening tools.
We have grown steadily through our motto: “Loyalty, Integrity, Diligence and Thrifty.” We are a team of honest and hard working people with just one very traditional value in mind: to make the best products for our customers.
Established in 1966, we just celebrated our 46th birthday in 2012. Through these years, we have built an experienced team dedicated to the manual stapling industry. Time also allowed us to build a complete range of manual stapling products that few of our competitors can match.


打釘機, 裝訂機, 裝書機, 裝訂針, 打釘槍, 辦公室文具, 槌擊式裝訂機, 拔釘器, 電線裝訂機


員工數: 180
公司成立年: 1966
外銷市場: 中東, 歐洲, 亞洲, 北美, 中南美
品牌: APEX
公司類型: 製造商
專利認證: TUV ISO 14001 環境管理系統驗證、ISO 9001/2000年版品質管理系統認證
公司名稱: 豐民金屬工業股份有限公司