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Reliable, Helpful, Respected – Your Source for Industrial Solutions

SCANO has become an industry leader in designing and producing industrial-quality, fluid power, automotive air tool accessories, and air line controls.
Over the past three decades, the SCANO name has come to mean excellence in supplying and OEM manufacturing.
We at SCANO continually strive to meet the ever growing needs of our worldwide customers.
Fully ready to serve all your needs for machining, casting, plastic injecting and related professional processing services.

Main products:

FRL - Filter, Regulator, Lubricator
Blow Guns and Tips
Tire Inflators and Chucks
Couplers and Connectors
OEM Products


其他氣動工具, 其他電動工具, 榔頭/鐵鎚/斧頭, 鑽孔工具, 打包工具/配件, 雷射度量工具, 研磨材料/工具, 油壓工具, 其他園藝工具, 裁剪工具/配件, 塗裝/油漆工具, 打釘機, 鑽孔刀具, 汽車維修工具組, , 維修工具, 動力裝置油壓配備, 油壓鎚, 一般油壓工具, 汽修工具, 測試工具, 手工具, 氣動工具

公司名稱: 達鉞實業股份有限公司