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The elapse of time enriches one's experiences and same speaks for the vicissitude of life which matures one's state of mind. The same passage of time for man can also shape an enterprise which has transited through its very difficult stage at the time of inception to a fully grown and recognised cooperation. For the last fifteen years being the growth path for LUN FENG has marked by chaotic economic upheaval. We witnessed the most difficult period of Taiwan's economic growth history but we bore the agony of low return of which toil has become the landmark of our sour success.
In the year 1984 export market for whole assembled bicycle was rarely explored as market place was rather limited. However this darkage for bicycle was in fact the most lucrative period for bicycle parts export. We accommodated this disadvantage but insisted to encounter this challenge and pioneered to be one of the very few whole bicycle manufacturers in Taiwan therefrom we grew to become the most well established cooperation as at today.
Bicycle manufacturing itself is a well-founded industry whose operational structure, financial system, marketing system and its ability to meet world challenge surpass other manufacturing establishments. We are proud to be in this business.
Knowing well this business would not immune our industry from competition. To stay with competitiveness and to survive, a structured management system is required. It is being realized by a steam of management developement programme for young management staff as well as in the process of diversifying into other related industries.
Follow in August 1991, our first subsidiary O'FENG INDUSTRY CORP. was founded to be a specialist in heat treatment services, This company also produces parts for motor car, hardwares and bicycle parts.
The philosophy and conviction of "building our life on industry" and hardworking heritage were persistently maintained for the last fifteen years by the LUN FENG management. The same spirit will continue to be the driving force for product quality enhancement, improving customer services.
We look forward to receiving your continuous support.


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公司名稱: 輪鋒工業股份有限公司