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We have been manufacturing quality hardware for a broad range of industries including auto parts, cargo control, marine. As respond to our customers’ requests we expand two aspects - furniture and climbing industries. We also produce hardware to be marketed under your company’s brand.
If you have an inquiry, contact us for a fast and friendly response.
Products: angles, buckles, cam buckles, O/C buckles, roller adjusters, fittings, hooks, hinges, stainless products, Racing parts, Ratchet tie down, hand tools, wrenchs.


安全帶, 鉸鍊, 手拉器, 貨物捆綁繩索, 扣環, 交通器材零配件, 鍛造品, 鑄造品, 沖床/車床/沖壓加工製品, 工業安全用品, 維修工具,銘譯,建材五金,家用五金,汽車零件,特殊車種零件,鋁鎂五金零件,不銹鋼件

公司名稱: 銘譯有限公司