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Taiwan Bor-Chuann Enterprise (BC-racing) was founded in 1999. Our specialized was design and manufacture Hi performance shock-absorber and auto accessories. We provide reasonable price and good quality performance auto parts for our friend who around the world. In the late years, we gather and collect many professional technical personnel and shop assistant. We own a team have investigate and fabricate ability. The shock kits we made was active to join the car race sport, on the base of these experience we made our product more and more stable and mature.Road handling and stability was very important for the shock kits, these days,people are expected their car to perform well apart from just looking well. Shock absorber is the most important part to provide the vehicle's stability. The shock absorber also being the major component for a car's "tire to road" contact.We invested all of our energy in product research, even co-operated with professional race car manufacturer in Japan. Our hi performance shock absorber(with hi low kits), can adjust the damping force, that is very comfortable for you to ride on every situation, like city ride or cross country or G.T. / aggressive driving, even on the racetrack. BC-racing's goal is design and manufacture best quality performance auto parts and reasonable prices for the whole world. Everyone can enjoy the Hi echnology from Taiwan Bor-Chuann Because the more and more partner we have and love to offer our crew a fine office. We are going to have a new factory building in the late of 2003.We are ready for having partner with whole world and have technology to satisfy everyone.


懸掛支架, 懸掛系統零件, 避震器, 鋁合金輪圈

公司名稱: 台灣柏釧企業股份有限公司