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Shenzhen LumiLand Lighting Co., Ltd. was established with the purpose of extending sales worldwide. Since its foundation, the mission of LumiLand Lighting was providing its customers with high quality lighting products, professional service and competitive prices. Now LumiLand Lighting becomes a leading manufacturer and exporter of cabinet lights, bathroom lights and down lights in China. The products are distributed to many countries. Wherever you are, LumiLand Lighting supply products which will meet your standards. Besides our products, LumiLand could help you more. With experienced, kind staff, professional management and flexible policies, LumiLand could offer many kinds of services for customers such as design, new product development, sourcing, consulting, logistics, inspection and reducing cost for them. LumiLand also helps his customers plan the trip to China .


櫥櫃燈, 嵌燈

公司名稱: 深圳市光都照明有限公司