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SLT is registered as a Sole-proprietor on 7th March, 1992 and started operations in 1st March, 1992.SLT principal activities are in distribution and marketing of office chairs and office furniture.
AOA is registered as a private owned Company on 25th March, 1995 to manufacture office chairs and furniture to meet the strong market demand AOA Marketing and SLT sales growth. Production has been tested since 1st October, 1995 and actual commences on 1st January, 1996. AOA target at the mid and high range quality office chairs and office furniture.
AOA is a duty free company (approved by MIDA). AOA Marketing target at the mid to high-end range of office chairs.
AOA manufacture mid to high-end range of office chairs and office furniture for the local (20%) and export market (80%).
Each model of office chairs and furniture is produce in different sizes and designed according to its class, which carries the trademark of AOA. Office chairs and office furniture are also produce on contracts made to order.

Company Background

With the idea to manufacture the product him self, Mr.Jimmy had consult hundreds and hundred people in it's line, the feedback was negative. Reason is there are too many manufacture in the market; some say that he will face labour problem, material problem etc.
With all the negative opinion and criticism, he obtained one end result, which is no matter what do people say, if you think you can, you can. With his high-confidence attitude, creativity in his mind self motivation, the could finally form AOA Industries (M) Sdn. Bhd. in the the year 1995.
The main task was to manufacture the office chairs mainly using the Japan and German's technology. It may be very competitive at the first place due to some major competition with other local manufacturer but with his combination of sincerity, creativity plus innovation, he received a great response from the valuable customers on his product.
In order to upgrade the technology of his product, he consistently visit the exhibition which organized by overseas player because he feels that it will be very beneficial for himself. Apart from the exhibition, he also attends a lot of seminars, which organized by, and at oversea in order to update him with the latest technology used in the market. The ultimate purpose was to bring the best quality for the customer.
Turnover & Production

AOA main concern in product is quality is emphasized on operations concerning raw materials, processing and finished goods. All raw materials had been tested on its durability and quality before production to ensure good quality control and satisfaction worth on every single penny our customer paid.
Skilled labor and semi-skilled is vital in the production processes. This helps in monitoring the quality control during production. In order to achieve our production flow in a good manner, we have 10-trained personalities in the management while 55 co-workers for the production.


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