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Founded on 1st 1993
Implemented a business strategy with focus on high quality scooters for European market in Aug.1993
As a pioneer, SMC developed Taiwan's first big tire/wheel scooter in 1994, and distributed to German market under "KREIDLER" brand name. SMC has the 2nd largest market share in the German market.
Developed the first sports ATV (150cc and 175cc) in 2000, and sold to US market under "SKYHAWK" brand name.
ISO9001 and 9002 certified in 2000.
Introduced Taiwan's first 250cc Sports ATV in 2002
Successfully developed Taiwan's first "Three-in-One" (CVT+Differential+Reverse) engine in 2003
Acquired a new factory site, Kangtien, in Sept.2004


機車, ATV沙灘車, 引擎零件

公司名稱: 正鶴工業股份有限公司