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Fortuna Auto (FA) started business from a professional exporter service provider in 1994, later developed the ability to open the tooling by ourselves, and in 1999 R&D/manufacturer team was established as dual brand (MIRA) to strengthen the developing and manufacturing ability for innovative designs.

FA also united the manufacturer partner as union brands to enlarge our product range for customers’ various choices. FA has transformed as manufacturer & exporter service provider. We offer "All in One” service to satisfy different customers with limited warranty and service forever.


塑膠零件, 橡膠零件, 車身零件, 儀錶, 風扇皮帶, 儀錶板, 保險桿, 車鏡, 方向燈, 各種車鏡, 車門零配件, 雙B零配件, 門把, 車窗昇降機, 後視鏡

公司名稱: 佶航貿易有限公司