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Vespark was established in 1972, is one of the leading manufacturers in Taiwan, who specializes in producing glow plug for diesel engine. Our product has been exported to several markets around the world, such as U.S.A., U.K., Germany, Russia, Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Israel, Pakistan, Turkey, Dubai, South Africa, etc. and gained a good reputation with quality products.

We have devoted our technology to increase our product’s quality. The materials such as heating wire and incoloy tube are imported from U.S.A., Japan, and Germany. We passed through the test and authorization from Bosch to be the sole supplier in Asian area in 1992. Furthermore, all our products are qualified by ISO 9001. VSP promises to provide faster heating and more reliable starting, even in low temperatures. We are confident that VSP is the brand you can trust.


引擎電系零件, 打火頭, 火星塞, 巴士貨車及其他重型車零配件


員工數: 15
公司成立年: 1972
生產模式: ODM 設計加工, OBM 自有品牌
外銷市場: 全球
品牌: VSP
資本額 (美金): 5,000,000
公司類型: 製造商, 出口商, 貿易公司
優勢利基: ISO 9001 Qualified
公司名稱: 泰威工業有限公司