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Mitsutech International Corporation, recognized as a leading brand of marketing and application development in SHARP's LCD Solutions, is one of the few companies can provide complete and reliable LCD Solutions as well as clients' recognition and acceptance in the most economical and dependable way of LCD technologies.
After its foundation in 1991, Mitsutech has grown quickly and steadily with annual sales more than US$22 million. In 1993 and 1997, Mitsutech established two affiliated companies in USA and Hong Kong separately in order to better and closely serve its customers. Within the past 10 years, its product line expands from SHARP'S LCD Solutions which supports LCD module, flat panel display controller, open frame LCD display kit, LCD touchscreen monitor, open-frame Pentium PC interface, touchscreen integrated PLC interface and spherical/flat glass touchscreen kit, Panel mount Industrila Display, to related power adapter and backlight inverter. LCD range from 5.6" to 18.1" in advanced color TFT, DSTN, MONO and up to SVGA, XVGA and UXGA resolution. Being specialized in the POS, ATM, POP displays, kiosk, multimedia and industrial process control system, and medical instrument, Mitsutech provides the most complete and reliable solutions to the Plug-and-Play requirements of his clients .The integrated solutions receive wide acclaim from the World's most authoritative sources and are successfully fielded in other suppliers. With capital US$2.8 million, annual revenues have grown by leaps and bounds, averaging 50 percent in the early years to 20 percent in the later years. Major markets have been, as a measure of the corporate performance, across Americas, Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world.


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公司名稱: 菱旺股份有限公司