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Tongxiang Shenghui Lighting Electrical Co., Ltd. is located in beautiful and rich Hangzhou-Jiaxing-Huzhou Plain and the excellent environment there gives Shenghui Company great diligences. Since establishment in 1997 its scale has been ceaselessly expanded. In 2000 and Sept. 2001 it was successively assessed as one of Ten Strongest Private Enterprises of Tongxiang City and the Excellent Technology-Progress Enterprise of Tongxiang City by Tongxiang Municipal Government, and in Oct. 2001 evaluated as the High-Tech Enterprise of Jiaxing City by Jiaxing Municipal Government.

Presently, this company covers an area of 10000 square meters and employs 400 workers and staff, including 15 senior technical personnel. It is a high-tech enterprise especially specialize in halogen and led lamps. and is equipped with advanced automatic devices and production lines such as 361-station automatic circular arranging unit, circular clamping unit, computer-controlled winding machine and vacuum coating machine. All our effects have ISO9000:2000 Certificates.

The main models of its products include JC, MR 11, MR16, JDR, JCDR, GU10, GZ10, JTT, JDD, H3, H4, 9004, 9005, 9007, J-TAPE, PAR20, PAR20, and PAR38.

800 employees turning out up to 30 million bulbs annually.
Our 56,000 m2 factory is both ISO 9001: 2000- and ISO 14001: 2004-certified. Inside this plant, 800 employees work together to efficiently manufacture our lighting products. In fact, we're so efficient that we can supply you with 30 million LED bulbs and 9 million LED lamps each year.

We have a secondary branch that handles all of our R&D work. This unit is responsible for the 2,000 models currently available in our catalog - 96 of which have patents in Mainland China. Our innovations have attracted so many clients in asia, Europe and North America that we've undergone efforts to establish offices in those locations.

Our products are compliant with CCC, CE, UL, RoHS and REACH requirements.


鹵素燈泡, LED燈泡, 生迪-引領照明未來, 大功率/小功率LED燈泡, MR11, MR16, GU10, JDR, PAR燈, G系列, A45/60, P45/60, 燭形泡, 節能燈泡, 節能型鹵素燈泡, J-TYPE有支架1000 hrs, J-TYPE無支架1000 hrs, J-TYPE無支架2100 hrs, LED室內照明, LED商業照明, LED筒燈-GL系列, LED筒燈-SH系列, WWOO9/010/011系列, LED居家照明, LED戶外照明, LED路燈, LED隧道燈, LED景觀燈, 護欄管HL, 面板燈PL, 線條燈SL, 洗牆燈WW, 投光燈PT, 射燈(不含嵌燈)SP, 庭院燈GD, 地埋燈GR, 電子驅動, LED電源, LED工程包案

公司名稱: 浙江生輝照明有限公司