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Titan Lighting Co., Ltd., located in Zhongshan city, Guangdong province, has its own international R&D team and is equipped with precision mechanical equipment, such as automatic lathe and punch and all of them are approved by TUV and ISO 9001:2000 standard quality management system. We also apply unique computerized material management system, our production lines operated more smoothly and flexibly, and the configuration of production lines can be adjusted rapidly, so we can meet the demand of various lighting customers. We specialize in conducting R&D of spot light, track light and mounted light.

Ten years ago, we started to set foot in the manufacturing field of down light, at the very beginning we devoted ourselves to the R&D of unique products for the purpose of improving our competitive edge. After many years of development , we have nurtured a group of designers with excellent R&D abilities, so our products constantly get rid of the old style and bring in innovations, and we have acquired patent rights in several other countries. As our products features consistent models, our consumers have no trouble in finding out the right fittings, and the products are guaranteed with good sales.

We have experience and technologies that are superior to other manufacturers. We can launch innovative products in the right time based on the change of market demand. We adopt open strategy in product development, and are ready to carry out cooperation with enterprises in different countries. At the same time, we would also like to receive OEM order.

We have been following our principle of innovation, offering top quality products and good services all the time, and we have manufactured lots of perfect products based on practices of perpetual self-exceeding and self-demanding over years, so we have successfully won the trust and supports from our clients and consumers. Let us work together to create a prosperous future for the illumination world.


嵌燈, 軌道燈, 線燈, 投光燈/探照燈, 璧燈, 吸頂吊燈, 展示燈, 吸頂燈, 戶外庭園燈, 桌燈

公司名稱: 湯石照明科技股份有限公司