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TAIK is a leading manufacturer of measuring instruments in the field of energy management and automatic control. We have devoted producing Digital Panel Meters, AC Power transducers, DC Signal Transmitters, Power Factor Regulators, Multifunctional Power Meters which are full of specialized technic designed for a solution of energy consumption in industry. TAIK was established in 1992 and got the ISO-9002 approval. We have been offering a variety of applications to meet your demands, which are identically tested on reliability, long term stability and suitability to customers in accordance with our operated policy. We will be properly to assist you in selecting a wide range of standard products and providing you with all the product information and technical specification when you meet the doubts in special demands. With our guarantee, You may rest assured that our instruments are the first-class quality and the best workmanship which can be proved by our samples. The only competitive advantages are your first choice to win the most opportunities. Now why don't you give your intelligent choice to TAIK who offers the first-quality and innovative technics for you.


數位式盤面電表, 自動功因條整器, 電力轉換器, 電壓錶, 訊號隔離分配器, 電流錶, 訊號變送器, 電流轉換器, 集合式電錶, 電壓轉換器

公司名稱: 台技電機股份有限公司