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A specialized factory engaged in hardware products, Ladeca Hardware (ShenZhen) Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1989, and has a team of outstanding, professional technicians. Located in Shenzhen, a city in south China, Ladeca (ShenZhen) Industrial Co., Ltd. is a factory occupying an area of 23,000 square meters, very close to Guan-Lan Golf Course in Hong Kong, the largest of its kind in Asia. Featuring convenient transportation, our products can be shipped from Hong Kong and Shenzhen's Yentian Harbor.

Ladeca Hardware (ShenZhen) Industrial Co., Ltd. main products include furniture handware and parts, metal handicrafts, giftware, large stamped items, garden-use products, and a wide variety of other practical metal implements. Equipped wit hheavy-duty, high-precision processing equipment including 110-ton, 250-ton, 315-ton, 400-ton, and 500-ton stamping machinery. We can process parts and accessories for large machine-related electrical equipment, electric household appliances, autos, and motorcycles, fully meeting diverse kinds of processing and mass-production demands.

With more than 500 well-trained workers and professional technicians, we have been granted ISO9001 certification. With earnings of up to one million US dollars per month currently, our products sell well in European and U.S. markets, and are favorites with hypermart chains in the USA.

Featuring high production capacity, Ladeca Hardware (ShenZhen) Industrial Co., Ltd. accepts OEM and ODM orders on a mass-production basis. With rigorous quality control plus competitive prices, we will continue to be areliable partner for all customers and will always provide quality products to fulfill their needs.


加工/代工服務, 模具, 表面處理, 閥類及配件, 沖床/車床/沖壓加工製品, 排氣管, 排氣岐管, 消音器, 保險桿, 發光二極體, 白光LED, LED顯示器, LED指示燈, LED燈條, LED全彩看板, LED背光源

公司名稱: 優美特工業股份有限公司