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Jioun Churan Co.,Ltd. established in 1995,is one Taiwan’s specialist manufacturers of various kinds of parts for garden tools Our company is capable of turning out parts based on special requirements of customers from around the word. our company’s major product lines are throttle control devices push pulls, starter assembly units, starter handles, pulleys and spindles, T-wrenches, pulley & spindles, lawn mower accessories ,throttle cable vehicle , and hardware accessories. Our company welcomes orders on the OEM/ODM basis.

Established in 1995, JIOUN CHURAN Co., Ltd. is
a specialized maker for
1.Electric appliances accessory, hardware accessory, vehicle accessory manufacture trade.
2.Wire cable bargain.
3.Ordinary import and export business (Admission business excepts).
4.Mower spare parts manufacture trade.
5.Car, engine lead manufacture trade.

155-1Fanhua Rd., Chinhsing Village,
Hsiushui Hsiang,Changhua,Taiwan R.O.C.

Tel : 886-4-768-1720
Fax : 886-4-768-4265
WEB PAGE http://www.mower.com.tw


空、油壓機, 馬達, 抽風機, 交通器材零配件, 電子零件, 農業機械, 其他園藝工具, 噴槍, 割草機零件,農業用機械零配件


公司成立年: 1995
生產模式: ODM 設計加工, OBM 自有品牌
外銷市場: 全球
公司類型: 製造商
公司名稱: 峻全有限公司