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In 1995, our company was established in Taichung, Taiwan. Main categories of our product lines are: pneumatic tools, hand tools, automotive repair tools and LED lights.

Our export ventures have been launched in European countries, America countries, Japan and other Asia countries. Most of our products are made in Taiwan, with some production in mainland China.

To satisfy surging demand, we provide not only professional tools, but also traditional products. We hope to satisfy our clients by meeting their needs for "superior quality, competitive prices, and fast delivery." In March 2008, we have ISO 9001 certificate, proof we could provide better service to our customers.

We also looking for new distributors who could sell our products in particular markets. We only have one sole agent in on market, and offer enormous source to our agents. If you are interested to be our distributors, please feel free to contact us.


工具, 千斤頂, 維修設備, 打釘機, 鑽孔工具, 其他氣動工具, 其他電動工具, 套筒, 扳手, 手動工具配件, 噴槍, 油壓工具, 維修工具, 氣動釘槍/氣動打釘槍/氣動打釘工具, 一般電動工具, 一般氣動手工具, 手工具零配件NES, 氣動鑽, 氣動噴槍, 套筒扳手組/套筒, 一般扳手/扳鉗, 套筒(直角/扁圓/S型)扳手, 扭力扳手, 衝擊扳鉗 & 氣動套筒, 組合扳手, 棘輪套筒扳手, 活動扳手, 開口扳手, 旋轉扳手, 一般氣動工具


外銷市場: 全球
專利認證: ISO 9001
公司名稱: 南恒實業有限公司