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L&C Lighting Technology is a leader in the design and manufacture of high quality lighting fixtures and electronic transformers/ballasts. We accomplished this by incorporating advanced technology, innovation and value in order to become the lighting manufacturer of choice.
Founded in 1989, we are a large exporter of lighting products.? Our company specializes in the production of commercial lighting fixtures for over 15 years. With our main markets in the United States, Canada and several European Countries, our headquarters is in Taipei, Taiwan and our factory is located in Shenzhen, China. Since 1992, we moved majority of our production over to China to capitalize on the abundant supply of raw materials and good labor. The current facility was built and began its operations in 2002. We currently have about 1,000 employees and 8 ~ 10 production lines in our Shenzhen factory. The current production capacity is 70 ~ 80 containers/month.? As we expand our operations, we will increase our staff to 3,000 employees and increase our production to 48 production lines within the next 3 years.


單吊燈, 枝形吊燈, 壁燈, 格型日光燈, 鏡前燈/浴室燈

公司名稱: 東莞巨冠五金燈飾廠有限公司