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Stannic Motor Spare Engineering Ltd is based on Auto parts manufacturing and development for more than 20 years experiences.

1994 we established a factory in Wenzhou/China to produce Water Pump/Brake Pad etc...

1999 we expanded our production ragne to ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) designing/manufacturing/assembling etc...

2004 we established second factory in Yuhuan/China for Valve Lefter/Clutch Bearing/Hub Bearing etc....

2004/July we established a trading company for customer who need to source auto parts & accessories in China for good quality,competitive price, inspection & exporting arrangment etc...

Our products are distributed to Africa , Middle East , Central/South Africa , USA & Asia.
Insisting on Creation, Innovation and Development, we will continue to provide importers and exports in the industry around the world with top-quality production.

Your inquiry and samples are most welecom!


拉桿, 分泵, 球頭, 方向盤, 水泵, 方向機主軸, 方向機副軸, 橫拉桿, 側拉桿球頭總成, 轉向系統零件, 燃油泵, 引擎附屬品零件, 燃浀濾清器, 濾蕊, 引擎電系零件, 點火線圈, 高壓線, 電子點火, 電子點火系統, 離合器總成, 離合器片, 離合器來令片, 剎車來令片, 鼓式剎車片, 碟式剎車片, 沙灘車

公司名稱: 普合特有限公司