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Kenswell was established 20 years ago as a specialized manufacturer of guide wire liners and other types of liners. Our liners are available in a full range of specifications and materials for daily life and other applications, such as bicycle, motorcycle and auto control cable sprayer tubes. Our company is also
ISO 9002 quality certified.

Product applications
Disc brake use, high-pressure brake oil hoses for bicycles
DIY reflective coils for bicycles and other uses
Liners (tube), control cables

Main products
‧Coated wire
‧Reflective coils
‧Protective coils
‧Hydraulic hoses
‧Extruded plastic parts
‧Tubing having lubricant background
‧Interior lubricated tube for control cables

Certification: ISO 9001:2000


手動工具配件, 閥類及配件, 其他園藝工具, 濾水器具, 電子零件, 灑水器, 肥皂架(盒), 水龍頭, 塑膠軟管, 沖床/車床/沖壓加工製品, 油壓工具, 飲用水用管, 汽車導線, 機車導線, 特殊車種導線,腳踏車用套管, 反光套管, 家用管, 噴霧器用管,衛浴用管, 衛浴零配件, 滲透管

公司名稱: 興飛套管企業有限公司