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Founded in 1968, Daiken Tools has been at the forefront of quality hand tools manufacturing, namely professional pliers, in South East Asia. Daiken's growth and expansion has been largely attributed to its emphasis on product innovation and the company's determination to provide the global hand tools industry with a superior quality of product. This has been achieved through rigid quality control during each manufacturing phase, from product development through to finishing and packaging.
*Daiken Company boasts a strong quality testing process which includes; cold impact strength testing, adhesiveness testing, combustibility testing, insulation resistance testing and dielectric testing.
*Staying true to its philosophy that each product bearing the Daiken brand or manufactured by Daiken must be tested to destruction has earned the company numerous awards and certificates including Taiwan's highly prized "certificate of Good Design" and internationally acclaimed ISO-9000, VDE, GS and DIN EN 60900 to name a few.


鎖緊鉗, 平頭鉗, 長頭鉗, 抽水機鉗, 彎頭鉗, 對角剪鉗, 電纜剪切鉗


公司名稱: 崇詳工業股份有限公司
地址: 412 台中市大里區市好來一街145號
電話: 886-4-2278-2825
傳真: 886-4-2278-0572, 2278-0885
網址: www.daikentools.com