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Since Formosa Nien Chang Industrials establishment in 1979, we have become one of the leading manufacturers of computer service tool kits. With years of experience and a focus on top quality, FINACO computer service tool kits can be trusted. Our product ranges include small tool kits, handy tools, various highlighter kits, gift and much more. Specializing in the manufacture of high grade and safety-assured products, we continuer to devote ourselves to research and development in response to market demand.


手工具組, 汽車維修工具, 鋼絲鉗, 電腦工具組, 迷你電腦, 監視器, 電腦配件, 電腦週邊設備, 電腦維修工具組, 清潔組

公司名稱: 南錩工業股份有限公司
地址: 413 台中市霧峰區五福里五福西路248號
電話: 886-4-2333-9936
傳真: 886-4-2333-9948
網址: www.finaco.com.tw