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Since its inception in 1996, UC-Logic Technology Corp. has been dedicated to the design and manufacture of pen input devices, such as graphics tablets, and tablet modules for tablet PCs and tablet LCD monitors.
At present, UC-Logic may count itself among the major digitizer manufacturers in the world. Our products are distributed across the USA, Europe, Japan, China, and other places, and become OEM number one in the world.
With a resourceful line-up of highly talented R&D engineers, UC-Logic is able to innovate and constantly provide a large array of original high-tech products to its clientele. Close cooperation and time-efficient interaction between our R&D engineers and our sophisticated manufacturing facilities has clearly contributed to our current success and reputation.


繪圖板, 手寫板, 手寫繪圖螢幕, 平板電腦電磁式感應模組

公司名稱: 友碁科技股份有限公司