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ANSERINE Co., Ltd. was established in 1985 and has been supplying all kinds of steel coil processing equipment for more than 15 years. Aside from the domestic market, our machines have been sold to USA, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, China, India, Russia, Morocco, South Africa, etc.

Beginning from the year of 2001, we tried to develop a new business territory, i.e. Drilling System, Chuck, holders and Accessories. From high-speed bench drill and magnetic bench drill to chuck, holders and various accessories, we insist on offering one-stop shop convenience, precision and high performance quality that the customer will benefit from buying our products.

We have a strong team of technical personnel doing R&D work and sales personnel doing promotion work. Customers!| satisfaction is our first priority and we regard it our responsibility to provide our customers with the best product at the most competitive price. To help the customer get the right machine and right accessories to make money, we have been strictly following the principles of Technology‥, "Quality‥ and "Service‥ ever since the first day we started the business.

Steel Coil Processing Equipment or Drilling System, Chuck, holders and Accessories, no matter which you are interested in, do come to us and enjoy the cooperation with Anserine!!


管用攻牙機, 鋼管製造機, 專用機, 省力自動化鑽孔, 搪孔, 攻牙用, 攻牙機, 高速精密桌上鑽孔機, 磁性鑽座系列, 高速磁性鑽孔機, 磁性鑽孔攻牙機, 穴鑽柄, 快速退刀器, 超硬鎢鋼丸穴鑽, 萬向磁性座系列, 磁性座系列, 夾頭柄, 一般夾頭系列, 自動夾頭系列, 免板手絲攻夾具, 整體式自動夾頭附勾板手, 開關式永磁吊盤, 凸輪式永磁吊盤, 磁性噴油座系列, H型鋼鑽孔機, 各式磁性鑽座, 穴鑽, 工具柄, 各式吊重磁盤, 鑽夾頭, 銑削配件, 攻牙機. 鑽孔攻螺絲兩用機(立式, 臥式), 標準式鑽孔精密夾具, 鑽頭套筒, 彈性筒夾, 鑽孔攻螺絲兩用機(立式, 直式電鑽機, 鑽孔工具, 直立鑽孔機座, 磁性工具, 套筒, 手動鑽, 螺旋鑽, 分條機, 鋼(鐵)板/卷, 整平裁剪機, 鋼(鐵)板/卷

公司名稱: 欣來興業有限公司