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W.K.Wu products Inc. has been established since 1973 as a manufacturer and exporter of contemporary lighting and furniture. For the past 43 years, we have continuously offer our customers products of both unique design and great quality. The company spirit is all about cherishing integrity, honesty and fairness. Having that magical balanced relationship in both personal and professional life are very important to us. Each member in our team is of great value and so is each of our customers. We look forward on building mutually beneficial relationship.


多用途家具, 鐵管家具, 鍍銅組合家具, 庭園燈, 枝形吊燈, 壁燈, 桌燈, 台燈, 單吊燈, 落地燈, 吸頂燈, 吊燈

公司名稱: 寶弘實業股份有限公司
地址: 244 新北市林口區文化二路一段266號12樓-B  
電話: 886-2-2608-1699
傳真: 886-2-2609-5701, 2609-5702