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Professor Technology Co.,Ltd. Was established in 1987.We offer all our services with economical prices.We have many production lines to manufacture OEM/ODM tracking and video recording device .We welcome distributor Inquiries.
We design and export GPS/GPRS AVL tracking system.Satellite TV LNB,Car video recording device,GPS/GPRS/GSM/3G/WiFi antenns,Satellite radio antenna & adapter cables.We also set up the control center by using our own fleet management software,firmware and QA system in Taiwan and Mainland China.Contact us Today.

Major Products:
Satellite GPS Tracking system/Radio antenna/ TV LNB, GPS/GSM/GPRS/3G/WiFi Antenna, Transmission Adapter cable, and DVR.


GPS追蹤監控設備, 車隊管理監控平台軟體, 衛星收音天線(船用型), 衛星收音天線, 衛星電視集波器, 行車紀錄器

公司名稱: 普傑國際股份有限公司