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With more than 20 years of experience, Aminco Orient Limited is a professional manufacturer of pneumatic sander. We produce only world class top quality sanders.It is industrial grade for professional use, not DIY quality. Reasonable price,prompt delivery, excellent quality are our ever reputation. Full range of Sanders suitable for different kinds of usage like furniture, painting, automotive,stainless steel, mould making and steel products.


氣動雙迴轉研磨機, 氣動軌道式研磨機, 迷你氣動軌道式研磨機, 氣動研磨機中央吸塵式, 重切削氣動研磨機, 菜瓜輪, 螺絲, 底盤, PU顆粒狀底盤, 電動工具用底盤, 吸塵底盤, 夾子底盤, 鋼材馬達及葉片, 塑鋼馬達及葉片, 氣動砂布環帶機, 氣動辣輪板手, 氣動鑽, 氣動剪刁, 直式砂輪機, 集塵袋, 氣動吸塵槍, 引水接頭, 吸塵器

公司名稱: 家煌實業有限公司