EICMA CHINA - The Motorcycle Show (Beijing)
Show Date: 2011/07/02~2011/07/04
Show Place: China National Convention Center
Beijing, China
CENS Booth: 2C52
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◎EICMA has sounded the bugle to gather global buyers in China, and the increase of new orders will allow you a worthwhile trip.
◎China’s independent brands will compete with the famous international brands in the same platform, and their technical exchange and capital cooperation will start from here.
◎The perfect combination of the most fashionable motorcycles and the most cutting-edge environmental technology will sweep through Beijing, the industrial policy decision-making place in China.
◎The Italian super-racers will bring a thrilling and exciting carnival to the motorcycle fans.
◎More than 1000 motorcycle fans will join in the Show with high-class motorcycles. "I Cycle" Riding Show will bring the audience a great festival.

* Whole-vehicles:
Two-wheel vehicle, three-wheel vehicle, electric vehicle, all-terrain vehicle(ATV), moped, motorized bicycle, skidoo, scooter, and special purpose vehicle,etc .
* Motorcycle parts:
Engine and SPAre-parts, frame, clutch, brake, absorber, motorcycle electric apparatus, tire, and wheel, etc.
* Culture, technology and service products:
Outfit and equipment, helmet and other protective equipments, model motorcycles, motorcycle decorations, motorcycle tourism supplies and related outdoor products, energy–saving and new energy technologies and products, media (including magazines, website, etc. ), certification and insurance institutions, and motorcycle clubs, etc.
* Equipments and Maintenance Supplies:
Motorcycle manufaction and maintenance equipments and tools, motorcycle conversion equipments and supplies, motorcycle store equipments, lubricant, and packaging materials, etc.
* Universal fuel engine:
Universal gasoline (diesel) engine, motor sets, pump sets, and multi-function agricultural machinery, etc.

About EICMA China:
"EICMA CHINA—The Motorcycle Show", one of the most important agreements signed at the Italy-China Economic and Trade Forum under the witness of the Minister of China Ministry of Commerce and the Minister of Italy Ministry of Economic Relations and Trade in July 2009, is an international, professional and market-oriented motorcycle exposition held by CCCM, Eicma SPA and Genertec with the advantage of strong-strong union and mutual resource complementarity. Targeting to the global manufacturers, purchasers and fans of the motorcycle and parts, EICMA will collectively display the whole level of the global motorcycle industry, including new products, new technologies new materials as well as the global developing trend and provide an all-round display, purchase, exchange and cooperation platform for both Chinese and international motorcycle enterprises to establish their brand images, increase orders, develop new markets and promote domestic and overseas investment and R&D cooperation.

"International Motorcycle Industry Environmental Protection Forum" will be held during EICMA CHINA when both Chinese and international environmental protection authorities will be invited to dialogue on the new energy technology and environmental protection trend of the motorcycle industry. Besides, Eicma SPA will also invite the world top motorcycle stunt team to bring an absolute visual feast to the audience.

Why "EICMA CHINA—The Motorcycle Show"?
* With the promotion of the manufacturing capacity and the enlargement of the import and export scale in motorcycle industry, China has become the largest producer of motorcycles and parts in the world, and meanwhile its demand on overseas advanced technologies, design and management increases. Noticing the huge potential of Chinese consumer market, a large number of world-known motorcycle manufacturers have begun to move their manufacturing and purchasing center to China. Seeking investment and partners has become very important for their development. Under such circumstances, “EICMA CHINA” shows up and provides an optimal platform for the motorcycle enterprises at home and abroad to adjust the industrial structure and seek new business opportunities.
* "Milan International Motorcycle and Bicycle Show"(EICMA), the largest professional two-wheel vehicles show in the world, has been successfully held for 66 sessions, attracting the world-class motorcycle brands and exhibitors each time. Now, EICMA comes to China, bringing an uncommon opportunity for the global motorcycle industry to concentrate and save costs. Meanwhile, the EICMA will bring a huge number of international purchasers with its unique advantage and provide the exhibitors with a world-class all-round purchase and trade platform. "EICMA CHINA" will issue the cutting-edge developing trend and products of the world motorcycle industry, display the most advanced design and R&D philosophy, and lead the most popular motorcycle culture as a grand pageant for information exchange and culture transmission.
* The follow-up services will provide the exhibitors and audience with in-time updating information and online negotiating and trading platform. What you will participate in is a never-ending fair.

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