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These are in-depth pre- and post-show reports on major international trade fairs, held in Taiwan and other countries with significant participation by Taiwanese manufacturers and exporters. They are offered to help global buyers and other readers better understand what is going on at the fairs and the latest offerings by Taiwanese exhibitors.

Economics Ministry Teams up with China Steel Corporation to Bolster Fasteners Industry</h2>

Economics Ministry Teams up with China Steel Corporation to Bolster Fasteners Industry

May 23, 2019

In a bid to help buoy domestic firms in light of the trade tensions between China and the U.S., the government has state-owned firm China Steel Corporation (CSC) to pull more resources in helping Taiwan’s fasteners industry. CSC Chairman Wong Chao-tung said on May 7 that CSC’s third quarter prices will play a pivotal role in bolstering industry competitiveness. Ministry of Economic Affairs...


Everplast Machinery/E-Plast successfully developed SPC extrusion machine lines. (photo provided by Everplast)

Everplast Rolls Out New SPC Extrusion Machine Lines

Apr 25, 2019

■Liu Hsiu-chuan Everplast Machinery Co., Ltd./E-Plast is a well-known domestic brand manufacturing plastic and rubber machinery that are marketed for worldwide clients. The firm recently developed a new product line of SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) extrusion machine lines. As SPC is free of Formaldehyde, products are equipped with moisture-proof, fireproof, insect-proof, dust-proof and easy in...


Chang Loon's trademark ColorRing come in red, blue, yellow and orange to brighten up standard wrenches. (photo courtesy of Chang Loon)

Chang Loon Diversifies Wrenches with Patented Color Rings

Apr 25, 2019

■Kuo Fang-lin Chang Loon Industrial Co. Ltd., is a professional maker of wrenches, gear wrenches, related tools and accessories, having made a name for itself by focusing on two industries: DIY hardware tools and automotive repair tools. Since 2004, Chang Loon has included its color ring trademark coming in red, blue, yellow and orange on the box end of the wrench. Please identify the red /...


Chuan Fan Electric Co. Ltd. offers multipurpose blowers. (Photo courtesy of Chuan Fan)

Chuan Fan's Multipurpose Blowers are All the Rage

Mar 28, 2019

Chuan Fan Electric Co. Ltd. has over 35 years of experience in manufacturing air blowers, primarily focusing their businesses in making high-pressure ring blowers, turbo blowers, turbo multi-stage blowers and more, coming in medium, and low-powered blowers. Chuan Fan also offers industrial-use vacuum cleaners, pressure exhaust fans and industrial fans. The type of multipurpose blowers Chuan F...


Milling Head Parts Producer Kaen Gong Yang Offers Only the Best</h2>

Milling Head Parts Producer Kaen Gong Yang Offers Only the Best

Feb 15, 2019

Kaen Gong Yang Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in 2018, is a subsidiary under milling head heavyweight Gong Yang Machinery Co., Ltd., professionally manufacturing CNC series milling heads, universal milling heads, extension heads, 90° milling heads, angular milling heads, coupling heads and vertical and horizontal heads, as well as customizable options. Among those products are the firm’s “automa...


Ta Hung Machinery's GJB-model Jaw Crusher. (photo courtesy of Ta Hung Machinery Co.)

Ta Hung Machinery Offers Professional Mining, Chemical, Gravel and Mixer Equipment

Nov 12, 2018

Ta Hung Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in 1976, specializes in manufacturing machineries like crushers and grinders for mineral and chemical industries. In the past 40 years, the firm has stood by its managing principle of upholding quality above all, sustainable management and offering top-notch services. Ta Hung continues to invest in its internal R&D capabilities in hopes of improving their prod...


BMT 2000NCT New Design NC Radial Drill NC function diversification.
(photo courtesy of BENIGN.)

BENIGN Introduced the new BMT 2000NCT NC radial drill Production capacity increase & Good operation function.

Oct 24, 2018

BENIGN ENTERPRISE CO. , LTD. design new NC radial drill is a NC radial drill connecting rotary table for automatic continuously drilling processes on an operation friendly 10" touch screen. Sizes available for arm from 1300mm to 2500mm. Operating setting is so friendly which did not require technical engineer to operate. Beside basic drilling function, our machine also provides many other func...


Jin Yang Technology Co., Ltd. builds lasting high-pressure valves. (photo courtesy of Jin Yang)

Built to Last: Jin Yang Backs Up Clients with Durable Valves and Filters

Oct 11, 2018

■Tseng Lung-nan For Jin Yang Technology Co., Ltd., having invested a huge amount of R&D into hyperbaric and fluid mechanics areas, is easily one of the few makers in Taiwan who are able to produce in-house precision dispensing valves, high-pressure valves and high-pressure filters. Clients who have used Jin Yang’s products lauded the firm’s commitment to quality, though commented that the firm...

Chuan Chan Oil Seal Company produces quality oil seals and offers customization for customers. (photo courtesy of Chuan Chan Company)

Chuan Chan Oil Seal Company offers design and production of oil seals and rubber parts

Oct 05, 2018

Chuan Chan Oil Seal Company was established in 1987, since then, the company has obtained over 30 years of experience in developing and manufacturing various oil seals. Thanks to all the support from various industries, Chuan Chan Company has grown into of the most experienced oil seal manufacturers and provides the most diverse range of products. At present, the products are successfully sold ac...


Benign Enterprise's newly launched universal milling machine has machining advantages. (photo provided by Benign Enterprise)

Benign Enterprise Launched Brand New BMT 3520 Universal Milling Machine

Oct 04, 2018

■ Lisa, Kuo Benign Enterprise's newly launched milling machine can be used for high-precision/heavy-duty machining, and perform horizontal milling on sides. The features of the universal milling machine include: 1. Improved upon the design of the old German-style Maho universal milling machine. 2. The hardened and precision ground table mounted on worktable is capable of high-precision and hea...