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Matila Industrial Co., Ltd.--Bag making machines

Matila Industrial Co., Ltd, established in 1988, has accumulated abundant experiences in supplying whole-plant plastic bags making equipment. The company’s major product lines include blown film machines, bags making machines, flexographic printing machines, and plastic waste recycle machines. ... Full Story

Matila Excels in Five-layer Blown Film Lines

After laying solid foundation in 5-layer blown film lines, Matila Industrial Co., Ltd. is preparing to introduce 7-layer ones sometime in 2011. With self-developed manufacturing skill, the company is capable of churning out sophisticated machines to meet customers’ special requirements. To involv... Full Story

Matila Industrial Co., Ltd.--Blown-film machinery, waste recycling

Tapping the opportunities pushed by the global wave to minimize energy use, Matila Industrial Co., Ltd., a major maker of blown-film machinery in Taiwan, has been aggressively developing a series of waste-plastic recycling machinery to meet demands both up-, middle- and downstream. The company is pr... Full Story

MATILA Industrial Co., Ltd.--Plastic bags and blown film

Matila Industrial Co., Ltd., one of Taiwan's leading makers of machinery to turn out plastic bags and blown film, has been quietly, self-assuredly holding onto its solid lead as it continues to steer through volatile times in its headquarters in Pali, Taipei County, northern Taiwan, mostly by develo... Full Story


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