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Eam-Win Co., Ltd.--OA chair parts

Being a major furniture-parts maker in Taiwan, Eam-Win Co., Ltd. focuses on production of OA chair-parts such as base, caster, back-part, armrest, foot ring, seat-cover, and metal mechanism, etc. Applying compounded-material including nylon, glass-fiber, and plastics, the company operates three ... 详全文

Eam-Win Co., Ltd.--OA chair parts

OA chair parts Located in Tainan, southern Taiwan, Eam-Win Co., Ltd. is a dynamic furniture maker specializing in the manufacture of office chair parts, including bases, casters, footrings, armrest, back uprights, and seat covers. Due to its incessant efforts in improving manufacturing process... 详全文

公司名称: 龙彣有限公司
地址: 71747 台南市仁德区一甲工业区太乙七街32号
电话: 886-6-270-7617, 270-7618
传真: 886-6-270-7619
网址: www.eamwin.com