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EAM-WIN Co., Ltd. enhance the reputation that it has built-up by incessant efforts in improving manufacturing processes and quality
control tests.

Operating three plants to handle plastic material treatment, mold making, and mold injection, we can supply customer with a critical
quality control from raw material to completed goods in a whole procedure, covering full range of office-chair parts & components.

It has been the policy of our company to observe and uphold high quality level, both in manufacturing and in rendering service to our
customers for creating a brand loyalty.

We invite you to browse the web site and learn about all the innovative products from EamWin and please feel free to contact with us..........


办公椅轮, 办公椅脚, 办公椅, 钢制办公家具, 办公椅底座, 金属椅, 办公椅背, 办公椅扶手, 防潮箱, 椅脚, 扶手, 椅轮, 椅背, 底座


外销比例: 100%
外销市场: 全球
公司类型: 制造商


公司名称: 龙彣有限公司
地址: 71747 台南市仁德区一甲工业区太乙七街32号
电话: 886-6-270-7617, 270-7618
传真: 886-6-270-7619
网址: www.eamwin.com