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EEE Lighting--Where There Is Light, There Is ZaiLED

EEE Lighting was established in year 2009 with long experiences as a LED manufacture. We were a major supplier of electronic components servicing to a list of reputable manufacturers around the world. EEE Lighting started to offer our customers special customized LED solutions to meet their requirem... 詳全文

EEE Lighting Co., Ltd.--LED lighting products

EEE Lighting Co., Ltd. was opened in Taiwan to make LED lighting products. It is operating manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and mainland China. The company has introduced several premium products including a 10W MR16 lamp and a T8 light tube. The MR16 light is outfitted with high-power emitter... 詳全文

公司名稱: 易光照明股份有限公司
聯絡人: 鄭斐升 (業務)
Allen Bin
Harry Huang
電話: 886-3-250-1250
傳真: 886-3-250-1251